Enseñar el dictado Siri Cómo escribir los sustantivos propios

Si usa el dictado de voz para escribir en su iPhone, puede haber notado que Siri / dictado utiliza la ortografía "común" de los nombres propios. Si utiliza una ortografía menos común a menudo, es posible que también se irrite por la constante falta de ortografía. Esta publicación (y el video incluido) le muestran cómo configurar un contacto para "enseñar" Siri / dictado cómo desea deletrear ese nombre propio. En mis ejemplos, hago un nuevo contacto, pero también puede ajustar el contacto existente para agregar el campo "Fonética" si su nombre propio es una persona que ya está en sus contactos.

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Aquí hay un desglose de los pasos en el video:

  • Agregue un contacto en la aplicación Contactos de iPhone con el primer nombre de la palabra como desea que se deletree. Si es una palabra que siempre debe estar en mayúscula, asegúrese de que esté en mayúscula aquí. Si no es así, asegúrese de que el nombre esté escrito en minúscula.

  • Después de escribir el nombre, desplácese hasta la parte inferior y toque "agregar campo" y luego toque "Nombre fonético". Desplácese hacia arriba y tendrá un nuevo campo con el nombre de primer nombre fonético.

  • Toque ese campo de primer nombre fonético y dicte en la palabra. Esto le indicará a la captura de voz cómo suena el nombre y luego presiona para guardarlo. (Puede escribirse a máquina, pero el dictado garantiza que la ortografía coincida con precisión).

  • Actualizar noviembre 2017 para iOS 11: Después de configurar el nombre fonético, asegúrese de que Siri esté habilitado , y luego ve a Configuración> General> Teclado. Desactive Dictado, y luego vuelva a encenderlo (presumiblemente, esto es necesario para obligar a que se recoja la personalización del nuevo nombre). Puedes ver el comentario del lector David Ernst con este consejo a continuación - gracias David!

  • Toca dos veces el botón de inicio para que aparezca la pantalla de cambio de aplicación. Desliza hacia arriba la aplicación Contactos para forzar el cierre. Además, desliza hacia arriba sobre la aplicación con la que quieras usar el dictado de voz inmediatamente, para cerrar eso también. Esto obliga a las aplicaciones a volver a cargar la configuración del dictado lo antes posible para que su corrección esté lista para su uso.



Babs enero 1, 2019

Absolutely amazing! You’re a genius. For some reason when I’d say Nick, Siri decided it should be spelled nyc in all my texts. No clue how she got there...Nick is a pretty common name, AND I had a person named Nick in my contacts. I did what you said, creating a new contact for the word (First Name) Nick, added field for phonetic, voice dictated the name Nick...which she again spelled as nyc, so it says nyc phonetically, which makes NO sense...but who cares because all that matters now is when I say Nick she writes Nick! Not nyc. That drove me nuts for a year!! I DID have to do the keyboard setting to turn dictation off then back on for it to work, so thanks for that HUGE detail too!

Jodie Peloquin Lerner

Jodie Peloquin Lerner abril 4, 2018

Thank you so much! Even people at the Apple store could not tell me how to do this !!!

David Guretzki

David Guretzki marzo 3, 2018

Thanks for the great work-around. I looked far and wide to get this fixed and this was the first page I found that gave me a working solution.

Ke Ks

Ke Ks enero 1, 2018

Is there a way to save the proper spelling without having to save the name as a contact on the phone list? I had hoped I would not have to save on the phone list, the names of young children whose names are spelled a unique way. I deleted one child's name from the phone list and Siri returned to spelling it wrong. Thanks

Dan Meblin

Dan Meblin diciembre 12, 2017

Let's be clear...this isn't "teaching" siri. This is a clunky work-around that a very clever person figured out to work around an EXTREMELY poorly coded AI.

Jodie Peloquin Lerner

Jodie Peloquin Lerner abril 4, 2018

Agreed! Lol Siri sucks!! Google is much better

Jodie Peloquin Lerner

Jodie Peloquin Lerner abril 4, 2018

Well I am finding it does not work for every word or every time

Kelly HW

Kelly HW abril 4, 2018

Hi Jodie - If you want to email us a sample of what isn't working, I can take a look and see if I can update this blog post with some new techniques!

You can send us an email here: https://deciphertools.com/s... and mention Kelly so I see it asap :)

Sean Lytle

Sean Lytle diciembre 12, 2017

I can’t for the life of me get dictation to spell MY name correctly. While dictating, it spells it “SEAN” but as soon as I hit enter, it changes it to “SHAUN” or “SAHAWN”, depending on the day. I have tried everything to correct this. I’m obviously in the contact book and have added the phonetic pronunciation of my name. I have pronounced my name differently while dictating – “shorn”, “Shawn”, “Shown”, etc. This is really driving me crazy! It’s MY phone! Spell MY name correctly!

Has anyone else run into this?

Dan Meblin

Dan Meblin diciembre 12, 2017

Here's a fun one....try to dictate a conversation about the guitar player in Guns and Roses. You can talk about guitars, rock music, guns and roses...but as soon as you say SLASH, Siri thinks you mean "/". Siri does not read the rest of your sentence to look at the context of a word. Its unfair to call Siri "AI" because it uses zero intelligence to make decisions.


OU812? diciembre 12, 2017

Can you delete the contact afterwards and still have Siri pronounce the word correctly? Or do you have to fill your contacts with random words permanently? Also, in settings General>Accessibility>Speech>Pronunciation you are supposed to be able to teach Siri how to say/pronounce names/words but when dictating the word it does not work properly. The iOS 11 operating system (on my iPhone 7 anyway) is terrible and I should have never updated from iOS 10, at least until the bugs have been worked out. Thanks though for the video/info on how to get Siri to correctly pronounce nouns utilizing the contact’s app but should be able to do it correctly and not have to do it this way.

David Ernst

David Ernst noviembre 11, 2017

This worked for me in older versions of iOS, but I couldn't get it to work in iOS 11. Finally got it working by setting the "phonetic first name" and then turning Dictation off and then back on again in Settings > General > Keyboard. (Made sure Siri was enabled before turning off Dictation, so it wouldn't delete my personalized data.)

Hope this helps.

Kelly HW

Kelly HW noviembre 11, 2017

Hi David,

Thanks for the comment! I will definitely add the Dictation toggle into the steps for iOS 11!

Jim Wolff

Jim Wolff julio 7, 2017

Okay, this sounds weird, but I have added the name "Khaleesi" to my contacts so that when I say the name, it will be correctly spelled in my messages. But instead, it puts (Khaleesi) with the parenthesis around it. Why? How do I resolve this? I also updated the contact and added the phonetic sound name as Khaleesi, but that didn't fix it.

Kelly HW

Kelly HW julio 7, 2017

Hi Jim,

Oh, that is weird! Can you try typing in Khaleesi into your messages app (or anywhere really), just in a normal way, pressing space after? I want to double-check that there's not a text replacement setting that is adding the parenthesis. (You can also check Settings > Keyboards > Text Replacement to see if you have any rules that may be triggering it.)

Jim Wolff

Jim Wolff julio 7, 2017

Hi Kelly. yes, it is weird. And, it doesn't always put it in parenthesis. Sometimes it does, and other times it doesn't. I can chat with the same person (who also has iPhone) and sometimes it does it and other times it doesn't. So strange... I also checked settings->general->keyboard->text replacement and only one was the default "omw" (on my way). I do have, however, all the settings turned on like auto-caps, auto-correct, check spelling, predictive, etc..... As for typing it in, it always works correctly. Only when using voice recognition does it sometimes put the ( ) around Khaleesi.

Kelly HW

Kelly HW julio 7, 2017

I've been looking around for an answer to this, but I haven't found one yet. If you notice any more patterns of when the excess parens are added, I am all ears (well, eyes really!) The siri dictation to parenthesize is "left paren" and "right paren", so that would seem hard to accidentally do...

Maria Mercer

Maria Mercer diciembre 12, 2016

Perfect, thanks!


Tom diciembre 12, 2016

I just put the first name only in contacts (no other info), saved that, then dictated. Finally Siri spelled my best friend's name correctly in texts and email. Thanks for the hint. I didn't follow this method exactly, but I got there. I have iOS 10.


Dee agosto 8, 2016

Still doesn't work.

Kelly HW

Kelly HW agosto 8, 2016

Do you have autocorrect on in your keyboard settings? This should make it so there is an autocorrect added for the contact name. But, we're having less and less success with this method, so it may be time for us to find a new one!