Reduzca el tamaño de los archivos adjuntos de mensajes de texto desactivando Live Photos

Taking photos and sending them via iMessage directly in the Messages app has become a lot easier (and therefore a lot more common) in iOS 10 and iOS 11. If I have "Live Photos" (the photos with a few seconds of video included, so they animate) turned on, I feel a little strange snapping and sending photos in Messages, because I don't really want to include a few seconds of useless (or possibly embarrassing) sound. Most likely, you don't realize that you're sending live photos when you send iMessage photos, but it's worth taking a second to consider the choice, and then set your iPhone settings appropriately.

Razones para no incluir la porción de Foto en vivo de una foto en Mensajes:

  • The "live" photo actually includes the regular photo file along with a few second video file, taking up more space on the recipients phone, using more data to send, and taking a little longer to send. It's only a megabyte or two, but depending on your data connection, that can be irritating.

  • There's usually some goofy murmur background noise in the live photo. (If you're like me, that murmur usually includes something silly and embarrassing you're saying.)

  • In my experience, if someone doesn't know they're taking and sending live videos, the video clip includes the iPhone being turned or set down at the end of the video, so you end up seeing other stuff not in the original photo frame. Usually this is just useless, but you could end up sending a view of something you really didn't intend, like private paperwork, people, etc.

Even if you have Live Photos off in the Camera app, taking a photo within Messages still likely includes the Live Photo. So you'll need to look and turn off the live portion of the photo when you're sending the message.

How to not include a Live Photo when sending a Message in Messages on iPhone:

  • Take your photo as normal in the Messages app. (You'll see the word "Live" in yellow after you take it if the messages is going to include the Live Photo).

Notification of the Live Photo while taking a photo within the Messages app on iPhone.

  • Toque el círculo de Live Photo en la esquina superior izquierda del archivo adjunto que está a punto de enviar, y aparecerá una línea que tachará el círculo de la foto en vivo.

Live Photo circle button to turn off Live Photo in Messages on iPhone

¡Eso es! ¡Ahora la parte de la foto en vivo de la foto no se enviará en su mensaje de texto!