Guardar mensajes de texto en la computadora - Tutorial para Mac y Windows

How to save and export text messages in PDF format you can print them out or email them to any contact of your choice.

Objetivo tutorial

This tutorial will give you an easy step-by-step guide on how to save and export your text messages and attachments (photos/videos) from your iPhone to your computer. After following these steps, you will have successfully saved your text messages and have peace of mind that a secondary copy of your SMS conversations are backed up safe and sound on your home or work computer.

Visión de conjunto

Whether you send and receive iPhone text messages for personal or business reasons, there usually comes a day in most iPhone user’s lives when all of a sudden you need to quickly save your text messages to your PC or Mac. We regularly receive emails from people all over the world who need to save their messages. Some individuals want to export text messages from family members or a loved one. Other people often have a need to document business SMS messages for a company meeting or even for trial or legal proceedings. Whatever the reason, today's tutorial will help guide you through the quick process of transferring your text messages to computer. This tutorial works with iOS 4 / iOS 5 / iOS 6 / iOS 7 / iOS 8 / iOS 9 / iOS 10 / iOS 11 / iOS 12. It is also supported for OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra, and Mojave.

Quick Steps - Saving text messages to computer for Mac or Windows

  1. Respalda tu iPhone a través de itunes.

  2. Open Decipher TextMessage on your Mac or Windows computer.

  3. Select your iPhone or iPad and a specific contact and then choose Export as PDF to save the text messages to computer.

  4. On your computer, open the PDF containing the saved text messages and print or email the text messages to anyone.

Elementos necesarios para completar con éxito el tutorial:

  • iPhone o iPad

  • Decipher TextMessage

  • Mac o Windows Computadora

  • iPhone Lightning a cable USB

Detailed Steps to Save Text Messages to Computer

Paso 1 - Haga una copia de seguridad de su iPhone a través de itunes

If you are running iTunes 12, when your iPhone is plugged into your computer, you should see a device icon in the upper-left section of the iTunes window. Clicking on that device icon will bring you to the summary page for that iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch) or bring up a menu of multiple devices for you to select from.

iTunes screenshot bring up the summary page for your iOS device

Versiones de itunes anteriores

Si está ejecutando una versión anterior de itunes, navegue hasta la esquina superior derecha de la ventana de iTunes y verá un botón para uno o más dispositivos iOS. Presione ese botón para que aparezca la página de resumen para su iPhone / iPad. Si no ve el botón de su teléfono en la esquina superior derecha de iTunes, verifique si tiene una lista en el lado izquierdo de la ventana de iTunes. Si es así, su teléfono debería aparecer en "Dispositivos" en esa lista. Haga clic en el nombre del dispositivo para abrir la ventana de información de su iPhone / iPad.

Back Up Now button screenshot in iTunes

On the Summary page in iTunes you should then see the “Back Up Now" option. By clicking on "Back Up Now," this will ensure you phone backs up and doesn’t only sync. There is actually a difference! You can monitor the progress of your backup in the top part of the iTunes window. If you still have troubles backing up your iPhone, our guide on how to back up your iPhone should be helpful.

Step 2 - Run Decipher TextMessage on your computer

Decipher TextMessage will let you export and save text messages to your PC. After opening Decipher TextMessage, the first time you launch the software you’ll immediately see your iPhone listed in the left-hand column of the program window. If you don't see your iPhone or iPad then please double-check that you've backed up your phone via iTunes on your computer.

Descargue el mensaje de texto de descifrado

Paso 3 - Elija qué mensajes de texto específicos desea guardar

After opening the program and selecting a device in the left-hand column of the program, you'll then notice a list of all your iPhone contacts listed in the middle column of the software. Scroll up and down to locate the contact whose text messages or iMessages you want to save to computer.

Choose text messages you want to save - Decipher TextMessage screenshot

After choosing a contact, select the “Export” option from the menu and then choose PDF. Now you can pick the folder on your computer to where you want to save the messages.

Screenshot showing select the Export option and then PDF option

Paso 4 - Abre y visualiza tus mensajes de texto guardados en tu computadora

Abra el documento PDF exportado e inmediatamente podrá leer, imprimir y enviar por correo electrónico sus mensajes de texto guardados. También hay una opción de exportación como HTML si desea guardar los mensajes de texto en su PC o Mac y verlos en su navegador web. Esta opción también le permite tener una carpeta separada con todos los archivos adjuntos de imagen o video para que pueda verlos separados de los mensajes de texto.

Exported iPhone Text Messages PDF example

Cómo agregar nuevos mensajes de texto al historial existente de mensajes de texto guardados en su PC o Mac

Cada vez que reciba nuevos iMessages o iMessages que quiera guardar también rápidamente, todo lo que tiene que hacer es hacer una nueva copia de seguridad de su dispositivo iOS a través de itunes y luego la próxima vez que abra. Decipher TextMessage el software leerá los mensajes más recientes y los agregará a su historial existente dentro del programa.

No puedo guardar mensajes de texto en mi computadora ya que itunes no reconocerá mi iPhone / iPad

Si itunes no reconocerá tu iPhone o iPad, prueba estos consejos:

  1. Quit iTunes, restart your computer, and try again. Many times restarting will solve the issue.

  2. Double check that you are running the most recent version of iTunes. To check the version simply open iTunes and select "iTunes" from the menu and then "About iTunes" and you will be presented with the version number.

  3. Try connecting your iPhone / iPad with a different USB or lightning cable. Also try a different USB port on your PC or Mac. This might sound silly however often simply swapping out the iPhone cable or changing USB ports on your computer will enable iTunes to recognize your device.

  4. Test your device on another computer that has iTunes and see if the your iPhone shows up. If it doesn't, that will help you narrow down if the issues in your computer or your device.

  5. If none of the above steps get your iPhone to show up in iTunes you can try reinstalling iTunes which also sometimes solve the issue!

Conclusión del tutorial:

Hopefully you’ve now successfully backed up and saved your text messages to your computer! We recommend putting a reminder on your calendar at least once a month to repeat the process to ensure that all your most recent text / SMS messages and iMessages are exported and you have a safety copy backed up. If you have any questions about the tutorial, just drop us a line via our Decipher Tools Support Page and we’ll get back to you. Our offices are in the USA (San Francisco and Phoenix) and respond to everyone!

You can also read at Decipher TextMessage product testimonials from Facebook users who have used the software to successfully save text messages for their needs.