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Somos una empresa con sede en los Estados Unidos con oficinas en San Francisco, California y Phoenix, AZ.


Tanto los fundadores de la compañía como la totalidad Decipher Tools El equipo es experto en copias de seguridad de iOS y en la administración de datos de iPhone. Empezamos haciendo aplicaciones y ayudando a proporcionar una estrategia móvil para las empresas cuando se lanzó por primera vez la App Store. Con el tiempo, vimos la necesidad de una mejor compatibilidad con los datos y copias de seguridad de iPhone, lo que nos llevó a construir nuestro propio conjunto de Decipher Tools programas de iPhone. Nuestros productos de software se utilizan en todo el mundo en todos los continentes. Bueno, ¡excepto por la Antártida! Amamos a nuestros clientes y puede leer los comentarios de algunos de ellos aquí.

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Sí el Decipher Tools fundadores junto con el resto de nuestra Decipher Tools todo el personal responde a correos electrónicos y soporte de productos! Nos encanta resolver problemas: creemos que se logra un buen software al interactuar con nuestros clientes. Es un esfuerzo de equipo.


Si tiene preguntas sobre un producto o necesita soporte de software, puede contáctenos a través de nuestra página de soporte.

Comentarios de nuestros clientes

Joe Salama

abril 4, 2017

Decipher back up repair is fantastic software. For the second time now, my iTunes back up had gotten corrupted - my guess was that it had something to do with the beta version of iOS I had installed. But that doesn't matter, because decipher back up repair came to the rescue.

As a result of my own error, I had occasion to email back-and-forth with their support team more than a few times, and I'm pleased to say they were constructive, supportive, and reliable throughout the entire process. Once I had discovered my error, fixing the back up and restoring it to my iPhone was straightforward and simple. In conclusion, decipher back up repair comes with my high recommendation. It's not often that you find a product that works and a company which stands behind their products with one on one service.

Mirza Cirkinagic

diciembre 25, 2016

The Decipher Media guys are life savers. Now that might sound like I am exaggerating but I am not! Due to the piss poor backup process offered by Apple I was unaware that my backup was corrupted and could not be used. I kept backing up onto my old backup which basically meant that each time I did it the newly made backup was corrupted as well. When fate finally intervened it was to tell me that my battery on my old phone was dead. I therefore took a final backup and ordered a replacement. The replacement phone came, my old one was returned and wiped. I came back home, clicked restore from backup and lo and behold I couldn't do it due to my corrupted backup. I FREAKED out. I contacted Apple and they were virtually useless. They barely understand how pisspoor of a backup system they have implemented (you can only restore the whole backup or none of it so even all the good data will be lost, also there is no way for you to know if your backup is corrupted as the system doesn't verify and tell you). After browsing around online I found Decipher Media via Google and while I am inherently skeptic about 3rd party software I was so desperate I decided to give it a shot (after reading everyone else reviews on here). It was the best 30 bucks I ever spent. They helped me restore around 90% of my backup (the last 10% sadly was not save-able) which meant that I was not going to lose around 6 years worth of data. I cannot express how huge this was. The guys at Decipher Media were professional, quick to answer, explained everything perfectly and just genuinely nice people who cared about getting you your data back. There was no pushing products, no annoying commercials, no hidden agendas. They did everything they could to help me restore as much of my data as I could and I couldn't be happier. If you are sitting there with a corrupted backup and starting down the abyss of data loss, I can tell you now, the investment into Decipher Media service is worth every single penny and should you fall into the minuscule pool of people whose backup is so messed up that it cannot be saved, Decipher Media will even refund you the money you spent on their software. You quite literally have NOTHING to lose.
Jay & Kate you guys are amazing. I wish you the best of luck in the future.

Anthony Cheung

noviembre 11, 2016

I was sceptic at first and even found myself reading through a lot of reviews and also searching for other solutions online before finally taking the plunge and trying this out - after all, I had 2 phones (mine and my gfs since we were swapping phones) that I had to sort out. We simply could not lose the photos on our phones, especially after they had been backed up (or so we thought).

Anyway, after using the tool, I encountered some problems and over the course of a few days (dealing with different time zones), the team at Decipher were able to help me go through and disect what problem I was encountering. Once that was sorted, phone 1 was fixed and I knew how to fix the 2nd one. LIFE WAS GOOD AGAIN!!!

Thank you so much!!! You definitely have a good product on your hands and I think you and your team are doing a GREAT job... I know how difficult and time consuming this must be for you, so a big hats off for ensuring I got a reply to my queries every time within a day!!!