Steps to Save iPhone Text Messages on Mac or Windows

Jay Walsh

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Quick steps to save iPhone text messages or iMessages to your Windows or Mac computer. You can also print the text messages or save them as a PDF document!

If you are reading our Decipher Tools quick tutorial tip it's probably because you have text messages on your iPhone that you need to transfer to your computer. Let's dive right in and get this tutorial started so you can immediately save your text messages and iMessages!

Text messages are either stored in your local iTunes backup on your computer or via an iCloud backup on Apple's servers. In order to transfer your text messages to your computer, you first need to backup your iPhone via iTunes on your Windows or Mac computer.

Steps to Transfer iPhone Text Messages to your Computer

Step 1: Locate your phone's USB cord.

Step 2: Plug your iPhone into your PC.

Step 3: Launch iTunes.

Step 4: Select your iPhone in iTunes.

Step 5: Select Back Up Now.

Screenshot showing backing up an iPhone in iTunes

After successfully backing up your iPhone via iTunes you will see that the current backup date in the iTunes window is today's date. If the date is not current then try making a backup again a second time since sometimes a backup will only "sync" and not fully back up! Note: If you don't have iTunes on your computer, you can download it here.

Once your device is successfully backed up, download Decipher TextMessage to your Mac or Windows computer. After installing and opening the program, you'll see your iPhone in the left column. Here's an example of what the program looks like when it's launched and running on your computer.

Example of what Decipher TextMessage program window

Exporting the messages to your PC

After opening Decipher TextMessage you'll now see your iPhone in the left column of the software. From here you should:

  • Select your iPhone so that it's highlighted.

  • Select a contact in the middle column.

  • Click Export from the menu.

Note: You will have several different export options depending on what is right for your needs. We recommend that you choose Export (Text messages, Photos, Attachments).

Export iPhone text messages options screenshot

After you export the messages you can open them in your local web browser to view them in chat bubble format. From there you can print the messages out. You can also quickly convert the saved text messages as a PDF document with these instructions.

We hope this quick tip tutorial on saving your iPhone text messages has been helpful! If you have any questions or need assistance, just contact us via email. We're USA based in San Francisco and Phoenix and we reply to everyone.